We "VIVEN" the world, solve the social issues.

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    Unity of Knowledge and Practice

    Design and Build Our Value by Ourselves
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    Engineer Driven

    Make Engineers Focus on Their Works
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    Vast Investiment in Human Resource

    Make Each Member World-class Professional in Each Field
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  • VIVEN, Inc.
  • Shintaro Yoshida
  • Oct 7, 2020
  • Sendagi 3-45-10, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN

Shintaro Yoshida

Co-Founder & CEO

Shintaro Yoshida is the CEO, Co-Founder and a Software Engineer. Prior to founding VIVEN, Inc.Shintaro Yoshida experienced Computer Vision Development and MLDeps in Japanese startup while in graduation school. After getting master's degree, he came up with new idea about new restaurant reservation system using Computer Vision Technologies and Surveilance Cameras, and co-founded VIVEN Inc.

Tsuyoshi Okawa

Co-Founder & COO

Tsuyoshi Okawa is the COO, Co-Founder and plans company strategy. Before founding VIVEN, Inc., he created policy recommendations at international organization while in graduation school. After graduation, he was in charge of educational development in a south asia country and supported home study under circumstances on COVID-19. After joining Japanese Startup and experiecing the organizaitonal management, he founded VIVEN Inc. with Shintaro Yoshida.