The more we learn in depth, the more we enrich our life.


We use ICT education to create a new evaluation axis and make a new opportunity.

  • value1

    Unity of Knowledge and Practice

    Design and Build Our Value by Ourselves
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    Engineer Driven

    Make Engineers Focus on Their Works
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    Vast Investiment in Human Resource

    Make Each Member World-class Professional in Each Field
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  • VIVEN, Inc.
  • Shintaro Yoshida
  • Oct 9, 2020
  • 7,000,000 Japanese Yen
  • +81-3-6820-2498
  • Sendagi 3-45-10, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN
Full-Time Member

Shintaro Yoshida

Co-Founder & CEO 🇯🇵

Shintaro Yoshida is the CEO, Co-Founder and a Software Engineer. Prior to founding VIVEN, Inc.Shintaro Yoshida experienced Computer Vision Development and MLDeps in Japanese startup while in graduation school. After getting master's degree, he found himself passionate about the improvement of lifelong education and higher education, and co-founded VIVEN Inc.

Tsuyoshi Okawa

Co-Founder & COO 🇯🇵

Tsuyoshi Okawa has worked for international organizations providing development assistance to Asian and African countries. After working for a private company to launch a new SaaS business, he launched VIVEN, Inc. with Yoshida, who he met in the ancient Bulgarian capital of Veliko Tarnovo, with the goal of solving the social issues.

Gaurav Gupta

Backend Engineer 🇮🇳

Gaurav Gupta has +10 years experience with IT Industry and is good at giving an explanation of difficult concepts.

Gabriel Dewraj

Backend Engineer 🇿🇦

Gabriel Dewraj is really passionate about the work and absorbs information fast. Also he specialize in the Micro Servics like RabbitMQ and Apache Kafka.

Aiden Lee

Frontend Engineer 🇸🇬

Aiden Lee has 7 years of experience on web development and accomplish successive delivery of several kinds of projects. Passionate for developing and learning new ideas or concepts

Tapas Dutta

Computer Vision Engineer 🇮🇳

Recent college graduate and computer vision enthusiast with some research and kaggle experience. He works on Computer Vision Research and MLOps.


Kieu Trang

Marketing 🇻🇳

She is responsible for the marketing operations of VIVEN, Inc. Since her first career was accounting, she has the advantage of ability to work from the viewpoint of marketing strategy.