Press Release

Our New Business about SaaS Introduction Support System💡

VIVEN, Inc. has received requests from companies to assist in the introduction of SaaS System.
Our business is to create Web Service, so we are able to provide support for SaaS system introudction and unique value to the various challenges .

Therefore, we have decided to start a new business, the system implementation support business.
We would like to announce that we are going to start a implementation support business.

[About Us]

Name : VIVEN, Inc. https://www.viven.inc
Vision : The more we learn in depth, more we enrich our life.
Representative : CEO Shintaro Yoshida
Established : Oct 9, 2020
Phone Number: +81-3-6820-2498
Address : Sendagi 3-45-10, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN