Press Release

🦉 Raising Capital

On April 7, 2022, the Company increased its capital through a shareholder allocation.

Capital before capital increase 100,000 yen Capital after capital increase 7,000,000 yen

By strengthening our financial base, we will use this money to expand our business, further improve our services, and earn the trust of our customers.

CEO Shintaro Yoshida COO Tsuyoshi Okawa

[About Us]

Name : VIVEN, Inc. https://www.viven.inc

Vision : The more we learn in depth, more we enrich our life.

Representative : CEO Shintaro Yoshida

Established : Oct 9, 2020

Phone Number: +81-3-6820-2498

Address : 〒160-0022 Shinuku 4-1-6 JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 18F, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN