🇮🇳 We will held a 2022 VIVEN Annual MTG at Mumbai, India

We borrow the image from Taj Mahal Hotel@justdial

VIVEN, Inc. has been actively recruiting overseas members with the goal of becoming the world’s top education company from Day 1. Currently, we have 7 countries ( 🇮🇳🇸🇬🇯🇵🇹🇭🇧🇷🇿🇦🇻🇳 ) with 20 members (including outsourced workers) working full remotely (excluding executives).

However, we are also facing a problem that is unique to full remotes and think that offline communication is becoming more and more important. Therfore, we have decided to hold an annual meeting in Mumbai, India, to further build trust among members and share the company’s vision.

The meeting will be held from late August to early September. This year, decisions were made top-down by CEO Yoshida, but next year, decisions will be made bottom-up. We will list up cities around the world from the bottom up and decide by vote.

We are committed to becoming one of the world’s top education companies. We will continue to develop our executive members from within the company, improve the technical skills of all members through internal study sessions, input information of global standards, increase the transparency of information, and create an organization where each individual can make his or her own decisions.

CEO, Shintaro Yoshida

[About Us]

Name : VIVEN, Inc. https://www.viven.inc

Vision : The more we learn in depth, more we enrich our life.

Representative : CEO Shintaro Yoshida

Established : Oct 9, 2020

Phone Number: +81-3-6820-2498

Address : 〒160-0022 Shinuku 4-1-6 JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 18F, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN