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2022-11-07 Notice

⚫ We moved the Corporate Site Cloud Provider from Netlify to Vercel

From the company established date, we use Hugo x Netlify for Corporate Website Framework and Frontend Infrastructure. Recently, Netlify constrains the Organization-owned Private Repository to Pro plan and we cannot use the repository anymore for free.

We love the idea of JAMStack and Maintainability. Therefore, we investigated several cloud providers which is famous for JAMStack Infra.

1 . Netlify

2 . Render

3 . Firebase

4 . CloudFrare

5 . Github Page

6 . Vercel

From the 3 Pros compared with others, we decided to use Vercel for Cloud Provider of Corporate Website.

1 . Fast Build Time (Netlify 41sec -> Vercel 12sec, Of course both case doesn’t have Cache 😮)

2 . Good Market Place

3 . Privacy Cared Analytics (Vercel acquires Splitbee to expand first-party analytics)

I’m really looking forward to Vercel UI/UX. If we have some updates, we will talk about Vercel again.

CEO, Shintaro Yoshida

About Us

Name : VIVEN, Inc.

Vision : The more we learn in depth, more we enrich our life.

Representative : CEO Shintaro Yoshida

Established : Oct 9, 2020

Phone Number: +81-3-6820-2498

Address : 〒160-0022 Shinuku 4-1-6 JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 18F, Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, JAPAN